groh dairy farm

We milk our own goats and make wonderful fudge.this is specifically made with creamy peanut butter. I sell these by the 1/4 pound . There will be a discount for every pound purchased. All I can say is that this is rich and creamy!


If you have never had the opportunity to try goats milk fudge you are really missing out. Something about the way the subtle goat flavors of the milk interact with the sweet, smooth flavors in fudge produces an absolutely delicious and amazing treat. The ingredients in this goat milk peanut butter fudge could not be simpler: goat milk, sugar, peanut butter, butter and vanilla. Yet the result is spectacular. The fudge breaks apart at just the right consistency, both smooth and firm. Of course you could make any flavor fudge using goat milk, but peanut butter has always been our favorite, so thatís why we are sharing it with you here today!